A Clojure-like lisp written for Python

lisp, python
pip install basilisp==0.1.0a2


🐍 basilisp 🐍

A Clojure-compatible(-ish) Lisp dialect targeting Python 3.8+.

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Getting Started

Basilisp is developed on GitHub and hosted on PyPI. You can fetch Basilisp using pip:

pip install basilisp

Once Basilisp is installed, you can enter into the REPL using:

basilisp repl

Basilisp documentation can help guide your exploration at the REPL. Additionally, Basilisp features many of the same functions and idioms as Clojure, so you may find guides and documentation there helpful for getting started.

Why does this project exist?

Basilisp is a project I (@chrisrink10) created to learn about Python, Clojure, hosted languages, and compilers.

That said, it is generally stable at this point with reasonably high test coverage, linting, and type checking. Work is ongoing to complete the rest of standard the library implementations. I suspect it could be used to build small applications and tools at this point, though I would not recommend it unless you like being a very early adopter.

Use in a production setting at your own risk.


Eclipse Public License 1.0