A package for converting the Human microRNA Disease Database (HMDD) to BEL.

biological-expression-language, microrna, phenotypes, systems-biology
pip install bio2bel-hmdd==0.0.2


Bio2BEL HMDD Documentation Status

Converts the Human microRNA Disease Database to BEL


Li Y, Qiu C, Tu J, et al. HMDD v2.0: a database for experimentally supported human microRNA and disease associations. Nucleic Acids Research. 2014;42(Database issue):D1070-D1074. doi:10.1093/nar/gkt1023.


HMDD (the Human microRNA Disease Database) is a database that curated experiment-supported evidence for human microRNA (miRNA) and disease associations. miRNAs are one class of important regulatory RNAs, which mainly repress gene express at the post-transcriptional level. Increasing reports have shown that miRNAs play important roles in various critical biological processes. For their importance, the dysfunctions of miRNAs are associated with a broad spectrum of diseases. The first version of HMDD was built on December 2007. Each entry in HMDD v1.0 has four items for annotation; they are miRNA name, disease name, the reference PubMed ID, and the evidence supporting the miRNA-association from the original paper. During the past five years, we updated HMDD for more than 30 times. HMDD v2.0 presents more detailed and comprehensive annotations to the human miRNA-disease association data, including miRNA-disease association data from the evidence of genetics, epigenetics, circulating miRNAs, and miRNA-target interactions. In addition, a “submission” function was implemented in the version 2.