A Medical Image Analysis Package

fmri, image-processing, medical, neuroimaging-analysis, nifti, nih-brain-initiative, viewer, webassembly
pip install biswebpython==1.1.0b4



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Welcome to BioImage Suite Web

BioImage Suite Web (bisweb) is a web-based medical image analysis suite primarily geared towards Neuroimaging Analysis. We gratefully acknowledge support from the NIH Brain Initiative under grant R24 MH114805 (Papademetris X. and Scheinost D. PIs).

A good overview of the software can be found in slides from a presentation at the 2018 NIH Brain Initiative Meeting, which was the first public introduction of the software.

BioimageSuite Web is a hybrid application and toolkit. It contains a set of command line tools, and desktop and web applications. In addition the code is modular/componentized and may be useful as a basis for other applications as well.

The software can be accessed from You may also download desktop and command line versions from our download side.

For end-user documentation please see the User Manual (Draft). (The sources for this are also on github at the manual repository.)

For developer documentation please look in the docs directory of this repository, starting with docs/

Licensing: The source code of the core BioImage Suite Web (as found in this repository) is made available freely under the terms of the Apache open source license. It is not approved for clinical use. Use at your own risk. Permission is explicitly granted to reuse (and re-license) any Apache licensed source files in this repository in software released under GPL v2 or later.

Binary Versions: The binary versions of BioImage Suite Web use an additional set of GPL-licensed files. If the C++ code is compiled so as to include these files (by turning the flag BIS_USEGPL to ON) any resulting binary distribution must comply with the terms of the GPL v2. (This is the case with the supplied binary versions of BioImage Suite Web.)

To use as a library:

To use (parts of) BioImage Suite Web as a library you can install it via npm:

For node.js

npm install biswebnode

For browser/electron

npm install biswebbrowser

See the examples repository for examples:

Code Acknoledgements: We have greatly benefited from reading the source code of xtk. We also acknowledge the many posters on Stack Overflow -- we have tried to link to some of the answers we used in the code. BioImage Suite Web uses many excellent open source tools/libraries such as node.js, electron, gulp, mocha, jsdoc, jshint, threejs, webpack, cmake, doxygen, emscripten, eigen, boostrap, JQuery and others through their dependencies.