Determine what's missing from Python by using Monty Python's Flying Circus.

python, keywords, flying, circus, blancmange
pip install blancmange==0.2



Do you have enough Python in your Python?

Blancmange, playing tennis.

Blancmange is sweet dessert that once featured in Monty Python's Flying Circus playing tennis. At the time of writing, this term isn't featured anywhere in the CPython core code or documentation. This is sad since the notion of a large, extra-terrestrial dessert trying to take over the world whilst playing tennis is quite hilarious. There are many more Python references that aren't present in the documentation, source, or elsewhere, so let's fix that.

This tool can scan a prescribed directory of source and determine which terms from Monty Python's Flying Circus feature and which don't.

Use it to Python-ise your Python.

In addition, it can output some fun statistics and answer some queries regarding the 45 standard English-language Flying Circus episodes, including:

  • Total words spoken (165,483) [1]
  • Total lines spoken (10,100) [1]
  • Total number of sketches (~510) [1]
  • Which Python spoke the most words (Michael Palin, with 24%)
  • How often Spam was mentioned (74 times in Flying Circus, 2225 times in CPython!)
  • ...
[1] (1, 2, 3) According to the source material.


Lacking rugged lumberjacks in your logging?

Not enough fun in your functions?

Try (a) Blancmanage today!

Script details

Create the database that underpins the whole package. Draws data from the included HTML files.
Output statistics on Flying Circus scripts.
Get a random line from Monty Python's Flying Circus. Pass -w to open in a web browser for easy access.
Perform textual analysis of a specified code base compared to the Flying Circus scripts. Helpfully offers which areas of Monty Python you are lacking.


Install with easy_install blancmange or Buildout with the buildout.cfg in this package/repository. Buildout is the easiest option as this helps manage other parts such as episode data, and cloning the CPython source automatically.


  • Expand to encompass the movies and other specials
  • Suggest where to add Python references and references which are needed. Working for non-Python languages would be a plus ;)
  • Better code analysis and processing. Just within comments or documentation, for example, or just variables.