Language Experience Overview (LEO) Report Generator

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pip install blipleo==0.1a4


Language Experience Overview (LEO) Report Generator

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In Singapore, more than 90% of adults are literate in at least 2 languages (Singapore Census, 2010). Singaporean families often involve grandparents in the care of young children, and one in five families employ a live-in foreign worker for domestic help (Singapore Ministry of Manpower, 2020). Infants in Singapore typically hear two or more languages from each parent, two-to-three languages from their grandparents (Woon, 2018), and possibly more from a domestic helper. Given this complexity, existing models of balanced/unbalanced or dominant/non-dominant bilingualism are insufficient for describing the rich tapestry of multilingual experiences. In order to capture this variety, we created a flexible multilingual tool, the Language Experience Overview (LEO). This multivariate multilingual tool combines estimates of care time and language-use ratios with language profiles of each caregiver. Importantly, the LEO Report visualises the results in parent-friendly feedback.

blipleo is a Python package to generate Language Experience Overview (LEO) report.

Citation: Woon, Fei Ting; Le, Tuan Anh; binte Amran, Shaza; Ang, Wen Xin; Styles, Suzy J, 2021, "Language Experiences Overview (LEO)",, DR-NTU (Data), V1


blipleo package is available on the Python official package index PyPI:

It can be installed on Python 3.6 or later using pip

pip install blipleo


To generate a LEO report, prepare a LEO json data file (For sample see: data/baby_test.json) and use the following commands:

import blipleo
leo = blipleo.read_json('./data/baby_test.json')
blipleo.generate_leo(leo, './data')

The generated LEO report looks like this:


  • The blipleo package is licensed under GPL version 3.0
  • The LEO template graphic vector files under templates folder are licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0



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