A simple Bluefin Payment System API.

pip install bluefin==1.4


python-bluefin 1.4

python-bluefin is a Python API client for the Bluefin Payment System API. The only thing this client module does is serialize and pass the data on to the Bluefin API gateway, it performs little to no validation. Values are passed into an API function in dict form, and responses come back in a similar dict format.


python-bluefin is not at all endorsed by Bluefin Payment Systems in any way. We have published this API module with the hope that it will be useful to someone else.


python-bluefin has been in use in production for about a year with a high transaction volume. The directmode client in particular has seen lots of use.

That said, we only use a little sliver of what Bluefin supports (one-off credit card charges, namely). Given that python-bluefin is a very light wrapper, other usage cases should still work just fine, even if we (the maintainers) haven't used them yet.


To install:

pip install --upgrade bluefin

A quick example

Here's a very bare-bones example of how to use the Direct Mode V3Client. We pass in the required key/values via a Python dict, and get a dict result. All of these values are documented in the Bluefin API documentation, so look there for help on just what is being passed in and coming back.

>>> from bluefin.directmode.clients import V3Client
>>> api = V3Client()
>>> result = api.send_request({
    'pay_type': 'C',
    'tran_type': 'A',
    'account_id': 123456789012,
    'amount': 1.0,
    'card_number': 4444333322221111,
    'card_expire': '1212',
    'dynip_sec_code': 'SECURITY_CODE_HERE',
>>> print result
    'avs_code': 'X', 'auth_msg': 'TEST APPROVED',
    'status_code': 'T', 'ticket_code': 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
    'auth_date': '2011-06-22 19:04:30', 'settle_currency': 'USD',
    'auth_code': '999999', 'settle_amount': '1', 'cvv2_code': 'M',
    'processor': 'TEST', 'trans_id': '123456789012'

Running Unit Tests

  • Install nose.
  • Copy tests/ to tests/
  • Edit test/ to reflect your account number and security code.
  • From within the python-bluefin dir, run nosetests


python-bluefin is licensed under the BSD License.