Usability Library for bluepy, and device implementations, mainly for homeassistant integration

bluepy homeassistant
pip install bluepy-devices==0.2.1



Simplified BTLE Device Interface for bluepy


python3 build python3 install


pip3 install bluepy_devices

Provides a basic library to connect to a BTLE device, simplifying usage of bluepy.

CAVEAT: The device in question has to be disconnected from bluetoothd, since BTLE devices can only hold one connection at a time.

Supported devices:

EQ3 Bluetooth Smart

command-line client To test all available functionality a cli tool inside utils can be used.

EQ3_MAC environment variable can be used to define mac to avoid typing it:

export EQ3_MAC=XX:XX

Without parameters current state of the device is printed out.

python -m utils.eq3cli

MAC: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Mode: 2 = auto dst locked T: 20.0
Locked: True
Batter low: False
Window open: False
Boost: False
Current target temp: 20.0
Current mode: auto dst locked
Valve: 0

Getting & setting values.

python -m utils.eq3cli temp

Current target temp: 17.0

python -m utils.eq3cli temp --target 20

Current target temp: 17.0
Setting target temp: 20.0

For help, use --help

python3 -m utils.cli --help

Medisana BT440 and compatible bathroom scales

In development