Build script generator for the jsix operating system

build, ninja, generator
pip install bonnibel==3.0.2



Bonnibel (pb for short) builds Ninja build files for a set of modules. Bonnibel doesn't try to hide Ninja's build files or syntax from the user. It mostly exists to do the legwork of auto-generating all the build rules, while letting the user control the variables used or even write custom rules. Bonnibel's configs let you define a project, and a set of modules within that project to be built. You must also specify a configuration file to set the base compilation programs and arguments for earch target platform.

For example, Bonnibel was created for jsix, where I needed the ability to build tools or libraries for my multiple target environments (e.g., for use both in the UEFI bootloader and in the kernel), while building the bootloader, kernel and user-space applications all with different compiler and linker options. See jsix's build files for an example of use.