Download books from the internet and send to kindle

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pip install booksnake==0.3.1



Booksnake is a tool to search the web for ebooks and automagically send them to your Kindle (or email), all as simply as possible.

NOTE: Please only use booksnake for legal download of public-domain resources!

Pull-requests and GitHub Issues are always welcome!


Spin up your favorite terminal, and boop this puppy right up in there:

pip install booksnake

Q.E.D. wut up


Create a ~/.config/booksnake.json file with the following contents:

    "from_email": "",
    "smtp_password": "your gmail password",
    "to_email": ""

If you don't feel comfortable leaving your password in plaintext in your home directory (and I can't possibly imagine why that would be!), you can omit that keyvalue pair and enter it at runtime.

You may also choose, like I did, to make a standalone gmail for just this purpose, and then the password is a moot point.

Make sure that regardless of which email you use, you have added it to your Authorized Senders in Amazon's Kindle settings, or else Amazon will refuse to send your documents to your device.


No matter which command (send, download, or search) you use, Booksnake will show the same search results:

booksnake send connecticut yankee
1:	<Book "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" by Twain, Mark>
2:	<Book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Twain, Mark>
3:	<Book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Twain, Mark>
4:	<Book "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A" by Twain, Mark>

You are prompted to enter the ID number of the book you want to process. Enter an integer, and then hit Enter.

Search for a book without downloading

booksnake search "Moby Dick"

Download a book without sending

booksnake download "Moby Dick"

Search for, download, and send a book to Kindle:

booksnake send "Moby Dick"