A lightweight, decoupled wrapper for dynamic class assignment.

pip install borg_pod==1.0.31


borg_pod Python design pattern and module.

The Borg Pod pattern provides an easy method for creating dynamic and decoupled classes. Instead of imposing developer overhead of linking class implementations, designing a state machine, referring to the correct pointers for the owners of each attribute / method, and debugging the system - you could just put a wrapper above your classes and be done with it.


Clone this repo, or use:

pip3 install borg_pod


At the top of your module, be sure to include:

from borg_pod import resist, assimilate, BorgPod

Or, if you adhere to Google standards:

import borg_pod as bp_or_be_oil

You've imported borg_pod's relevant attributes directly like a sane person? Let's say you have some classes you want to be able to switch an instance between:

class SomeClassA(object):

    def __init__(self):

    def my_method(self):
        print("I AM SOME CLASS A")

class OtherClassB(object):

    def __init__(self):
        print("HOLD ON, I AIN'T SO QUIET.")

    def my_method(self):
        print("...where am I again?")

    def a_unique_method(self, to_print):

All you would do is add the @assimilate decorator above both:

class SomeClassA

class OtherClassB


Creating and converting an instance of one would look like:

my_first_unique = SomeClassA()

my_second_unique = SomeClassA()

my_third_unique = OtherClassB()

assert my_first_unique is not my_second_unique and my_third_unique is not my_first_unique

first_b = SomeClassB(my_first_unique)

second_b = SomeClassB(my_second_unique)

third_b = SomeClassB(my_third_unique)

assert (first_b is my_first_unique and second_b is my_second_unique and third_b is my_third_unique
    and first_b is not third_b and first_b is not second_b)

And that's it! More advanced usage involves the @resist decorator, to avoid the self reference injection - but most devs don't need to worry about that. You can find more thorough documentation inside of the module. Classes with the @assimilate decorator can be subclassed and can be subclasses of other decorated or non-decorated classes.


borg_pod module by Andrew M. Hogan. (borg_pod © 2018 Hogan Consulting Group)


Licensed under the Apache License.