Botany client

pip install botany-client==0.9.4



Botany is a platform for running tournaments between Python bots.


Botany is my project, but I welcome contributions in the form of bug reports, feature requests, and code.

To report a bug or request a feature, please raise an issue (checking for duplicates first).

To be accepted, a requested feature must be generally useful, and should not unreasonably increase the complexity of the codebase.

For non-trivial code changes, it would be best to first raise an issue that outlines the proposed change.

I have my own idiosyncratic ideas about how code should be written. When reviewing a pull request, I may request changes to ensure the code is generally correct, but I won't want to get too bogged down in details. As such, I may merge code and then partially re-write it. Please do not be put out if I do this!

Thank you to all the contributors.

Finally, please ensure that you are kind, considerate, and respectful when interacting on the issue tracker.


The code is split into three modules:

  • server: a Django app that handles submission of bot code, runs the tournament, and displays a leaderboard
  • client a terminal application for developing and testing bots
  • core: code common to the server and the client, including code for running games and validating bots

Developing the server


  • Ensure Postgres and Redis are installed and running locally

  • Create a virtualenv and run:

    • pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
    • pip install -r server/requirements.txt
  • Copy server/.env-sample to server/.env

  • You may need to change the DATABASE_URL and REDIS_URL values in .env

    • By default, we expect a Postgres database called botany to exist
      • Run createdb botany
  • Run database migrations (in server/)

    • python migrate

Running the server:

  • From the server directory, run python runserver

Running the tests:

  • From the server directory, run python test