An amazon aws services connexion pool on top of boto python library

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pip install boto-mangrove==0.0.1




Mangrove is a set of classes on top of the boto library providing aws services connexion pools. It is shipped with both abstract classes allowing you to build your own pools and pre-existing helpers class to get started immediatly with pools handling the various regions supported by amazon aws services.


Out the box boto's clients are attached to specific individual regions through the connect_to_region method. We needed a way to connect to multiple regions and services at once in elegant way.


it's as simple as:

$ pip install pymangrove

How to use it


Mangrove is shipped with services helpers classes to help you getting started immediately. They provide a transparent access to the boto classes through regions specific attributes.

For example:

>>> from import Ec2Pool, S3Pool, SqsPool

>>> ec2_pool = Ec2Pool(connect=True)  # As a default every regions will be connected
>>> s3_pool = S3Pool(connect=True, regions=['us-east-1', 'us-west-1'])  # But you can specify the one you're interested in
>>> sqs_pool = SqsPool(connect=True, default_region='us-east-1')  # And, you can set a default region to be used later on

# Once your pool is created you can access the various regions specific
# client through the .regions property.
>>> ec2_pool.regions['us_west_1'].get_all_instances()
>>> ec2_pool.regions['us_east_1'].get_all_images()

# If you've set a default_region, you might access it directly.
>>> sqs_pool.regions.default.get_all_queues()

# Any time, you're able to add a region connection to the pool
>>> s3_pool.add_region('us-east-2')
>>> s3_pool.regions['us_east_2']
<S3Pool us_east_2>

Create your own service pool

If you can't find your amazon aws service client pool listed in the module. Creating your own should be as easy as subclassing mangrove.pool.ServicePool:

>>> from mangrove.pool import ServicePool

>>> class MySupperDupperPool(ServicePool):
        # Subclassing ServicePool is as easy as setting a class
        # attribute to the name of the related boto service class
        # name
        service = 'mysupperdupperservice'

# Note that you can also directly specify which regions
# and default region your Pool should register as a default:
>>> class MySelectivePool(ServicePool):
    service = {
        'mysupperdupperservice': {
            'regions': ['us-east-1', 'eu-west-1'],
            'default_region': 'us-west-1',

Then you can instantiate it and use it as any other mangrove ServicePool subclasses:

>>> p = MySupperDupperPool(connect=True, regions=['eu-west-1', 'us-west-1'])
>>> p.regions['us_west_1'].get_all_buckets()  # in this example, a S3 pool

Note that as ServicePool is the base class for helpers, you can of course dynamically add a region to the pool at anytime

>>> p.add.regions['ap-southeast-1']
>>> p.regions['ap_southeast_1']
<MySupperDupperPool ap_southeast_1>

If the boto service you're trying to expose as a pool has a custom way to connect to a region, or to list regions, feel free to override the _connect_module_to_region and _get_module_regions ServicePool methods to. For an example please take a look to the abstract ServicePool class implementation in mangrove.pool module.

Creating your own multi-services pool

You might find usefull to create a custom pool exposing multiple services at once: ec2, s3 and sqs for example. Mangrove provides a ServiceMixinPool abstract class to help you creating one. It's as simple as subclassing and setting a class attribute:

>>> from mangrove.pool import ServiceMixinPool

>>> class WebRelatedServicesPool(ServiceMixinPool):
        services = {
            'ec2': {
                'regions': ['us-east-1', 'eu-west-1'],
                'default_region': 'eu-west-1',
            's3': {
                'regions': '*',
                'default_region': 'eu-west-1',
            'sqs': {}

Once you instantiate your mixin pool, services you've specified will be exposed as ServicePool instance attributes.

>>> mixin_pool = WebRelatedServicesPool(connect=True, regions=['us_west_1', 'eu_west_1'])
>>> mixin_pool.s3
<ServicePool S3>
>>> mixin_pool.ec2.regions['us_west_1'].get_all_instances()

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