Byte pair encoding for graceful handling of rare words in NLP

bpe, nlp, python
pip install bpe==1.0


BPE Build Status

AKA Byte Pair Encoding. Learns a vocab and byte pair encoding for provided white-space separated text.


$ pip3 install --user bpe
from bpe import Encoder

# Generated with http://pythonpsum.com
test_corpus = '''
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    Django raspberrypi mercurial unit import yield raspberrypi visual rocksdahouse. Dunder raspberrypi mercurial list reduce class test scipy helmet zip?

encoder = Encoder(200, pct_bpe=0.88)  # params chosen for demonstration purposes

example = "Vizzini: He didn't fall? INCONCEIVABLE!"
# ['__sow', 'vi', 'z', 'zi', 'ni', '__eow', '__sow', ':', '__eow', 'he', 'didn', "'", 't', 'fall', '__sow', '?', '__eow', '__sow', 'in', 'co', 'n', 'ce', 'iv', 'ab', 'le', '__eow', '__sow', '!', '__eow']
# [26, 108, 79, 104, 72, 24, 26, 117, 24, 9, 11, 8, 12, 10, 26, 90, 24, 26, 154, 56, 37, 149, 80, 169, 84, 24, 26, 156, 24]
# vizzini : he didn ' t fall ? inconceivable !