Communicate to Bronkhorst Instruments using the propar protocol over USB, RS232, or RS485.

pip install bronkhorst-propar==1.0.1


Bronkhorst Propar

The Bronkhorst Propar module provides an implementation of a propar master for communication with Bronkhorst (Mass) Flow Meters and Controllers (such as the EL-Flow, ES-Flow, (mini) CORI-FLOW, IQ+FLOW, and others), Pressure Meters and Controllers (EL-PRESS), and others using the default RS232/RS485 interface.

Using the Bronkhorst Propar module it is possible to directly communicate with a single instrument, or to multiple instruments when they are connected to a FLOW-BUS network. The Bronkhorst Propar module communicates directly with the instruments using Python, and does not require tools such as FlowDDE to be installed. Therefore the module is platform independent and has been tested on both Windows and Linux (the module depends on pyserial for serial communication and should work on all platforms that support it).

Gas Flow Liquid Flow Pressure


pip install bronkhorst-propar


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