A client which calls remote web browser debugger methods

automation, chromedriver, devtools-protocol, selenium
pip install browserdebuggertools==5.3.0



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The purpose is to provide a python client to connect to the debugger tools of a web-browser.

Currently supports connecting to Google-Chrome/Chromium over the devtools protocol, via a wrapped websockets client. Feel free to extend and add support for other browsers as required.

For improved performance, install the wsaccel python lib https://pypi.org/project/wsaccel/

Example Usage

Start Google-Chrome, passing a remote debugger port argument, for example on Ubuntu:

$ google-chrome-stable --remote-debugging-port=9899

In a python console, you can connect to the remote debugging port and enable the Page domain.

>> self.devtools_client = ChromeInterface(9899, domains=["Page"])

The client provides some devtools interface methods, for example:

>> with self.devtools_client.set_timeout(10):
   ... self.devtools_client.take_screenshot("/tmp/screenshot.png")

Or more generally you can call remote methods according to the devtools protocol spec (https://chromedevtools.github.io/devtools-protocol/tot/Network), for example

>> self.devtools_client.execute(domain="Emulation", method="enable")
>> self.devtools_client.execute("Emulation", "setGeolocationOverride", args={"latitude": 20, "longitude": 35})