Use AUR to install bubblejail. PyPI package is only to hold place.

pip install bubblejail==0.2



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Bubblejail is a bubblewrap based alternative to firejail.


Bubblejail design is based on observations of Firejail faults.

One of the biggest issues with Firejail is that you can accidentaly run unsandboxed application and not notice.

Bubblejail instead of trying to transparently overlay existing home directory creates a separated home directory.

Every Instance represents a separated home directory. Normally every sandboxed application has its own home directory.

Instance has conflig.toml file that contains the configuration of the instance such as system resources that sandbox should have access to.

Service represent some kind of system resource that the sandbox can be given access to. For example, Pulse Audio service gives access to Pulse Audio socket so that the application can use sound.

Profile is a predefined set of services that a particular application uses. Using profiles is entirely optional.

Quick start

  1. Install bubblejail from AUR
  2. Install the application you want to sandbox. (for example, firefox)
  3. Run auto-create command that will look for possible applications to sandbox.
  4. The desktop entry should be created and can be found under name _{Name} bubble

Command line utility documentation

Command line program bubblejail has 5 sub commands: create, run, list, edit, auto-create

bubblejail create

Creates a new instance.

Optional arguments:

  • --profile Specify the profile that the instance will use. For avalible profiles look at Avalible profiles section. If omited then empty profile will be used and the user will have to fill configuration manually.
  • --do-import Imports data from home directory. DOES NOT WORK YET
  • --no-desktop-entry Do not create desktop entry.

Required arguments:

  • instance name that the new instance will use


bubblejail create --profile=firefox FirefoxSandbox

bubblejail run

Runs the specified instance. Optionally pass arguments to instance.

Required arguments:

  • instance name

Optional arguments:

  • arguments to instance
  • --debug-shell Opens a shell inside the sandbox instead of running.
  • --dry-run Prints the bwrap arguments and does not run anything.
  • --debug-log-dbus Enables dbus proxy log.


bubblejail run myfirefox google.com

bubblejail list

Lists profiles or instances.

Required arguments:

  • type List either instances or profiles


bubblejail list instances

bubblejail edit

Opens the configuration file in the EDITOR. After exiting editor the file is validated and only written if validation is successful.


bubblejail edit myfirefox

bubblejail auto-create

Tries to create new instances based avalible profiles.

Editing config.toml

Instance configuration is based on TOML format.

config.toml file is located at $XDG_DATA_HOME/bubblejail/instances/{name}/config.toml

edit command can be used to open the config file in your EDITOR and validate after editing.

Example config:

executable_name = ["/usr/bin/firefox", "--class=bubble_Firefox", "--name=bubble_Firefox"]
services = [
  "x11", "network", "pulse_audio",

home_paths = [ "Downloads",]

Config keys

  • executable_name: Either a single string or a list that contains that executable name and arguments. Required unless you use --debug-shell option to open shell.
  • share_local_time: boolean that controlls if the local time is shared with sandbox. On by default.
  • services: List of strings. Adds particular services without parametres.
  • service.{name}: Used to configure a particular service. The service does not need to be added to services list as it will be enabled if particular configuration section exists.

Avalible services

  • x11: X windowing system. Also includes Xwayland.
  • wayland: Pure wayland windowing system.
  • network: Access to network.
  • pulse_audio: Pulse Audio audio system.
  • home_share: Shared folder relative to home.
    • home_paths: List of path strings to share with sandbox. Required.
  • direct_rendering: Access to GPU.
    • enable_aco: Boolean to enable high performance Vulkan compiler for AMD GPUs.
  • systray: Access to desktop tray bar.
  • joystick: Access to joysticks and gamepads.
  • root_share: Share access relative to /.
    • paths: List of path strings to share with sandbox. Required.
  • openjdk: Access to java libraries.
  • notify: Access to desktop notifications.

Avalible profiles


Firefox running on X11 protocol.

Profile name: firefox

Firefox on wayland

Firefox running on wayland without Xwayland access. Tested on GNOME not sure if it works on other wayland compositors.

Profile name: firefox_wayland

Code OSS

Open source build of VScode.

Profile name: code_oss


Steam with runtime.

Profile name: steam


Lutris open source gaming platform.

Profile name: lutris


  • Graphical toolkits settings are not passed.