A build system

pip install

Documentation is a simple build system written in python.

Just create a with the following content:

import build


class Config(build.Config):
  # Put your options here
  # Defaults:
  # Default task
  default = 'build'
  # Languages to build (lang/<lang>.py)
  languages = []
  # Default output directory
  out = 'out'
  # Whether to preserve output paths (src/dir/ -> out/dir/ or out/
  preserve_paths = True
  # Enable builtin tasks (build etc.)
  builtins = True

# Or remove the class above and put your options here

Then call ./ -h
usage: [-h] [-f FILE] [-o OUT] [task] [args [args ...]]

positional arguments:

Option Description
task The task that should be called
args The arguments for TASK

optional arguments:

Short Long Description
-h --help Show this help message and exit
-f FILE --file FILE The build configuration
-o OUT --out OUT The output directory