Download and display album art for mpd tracks.

mopidy, mpv, music, python
pip install bum==0.1.3


🎵 bum

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bum is a daemon that downloads album art for songs playing in mpd/mopidy and displays them in a little window. bum doesn't loop on a timer, instead it waits for mpd/mopidy to send a player event. When it receives a player event it wakes up and downloads album art for the current playing track. This makes bum lightweight and makes it idle at ~0% CPU usage.

bum uses musicbrainz to source and download cover art, if an album is missing it's cover art you can easily create an account and fill in the data yourself. bum outputs a release-id which you can use to find the exact entry on musicbrainz.

Note: bum is meant to be used with files that don't have embedded album art (mopidy-spotify).



  • python 3.6+
  • python-mpv
  • python-mpd2
  • musicbrainzngs


pip3 install --user bum


usage: bum [-h] [--size "px"] [--cache_dir "/path/to/dir"] [--version]

bum - Download and display album art for mpd tracks.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --size "px"           what size to display the album art in.
  --cache_dir "/path/to/dir"
                        Where to store the downloaded cover art.
  --version             Print "bum" version.
  --port                Use a custom mpd port.


Donations will allow me to spend more time working on bum.

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