Investigate wtf you were working on... where is that damn file?

pip install catscan==0.0.7


catscan, or mindgrep

Forgot where you put that file? Forgot what you were working on?

Wish you could grep against a file you forgot about?


From the project root directory:

$ pip install catscan


$ python install


Simply run it with something that might be in the file, and it will check through files you worked with in your bash history:

# Find files you worked on that have the search string 'install' in them.
$ catscan 'install'

Use --help/-h to view info on the arguments:

$ catscan --help

More complex scan behavior is also available:

# search using regex (python format)
$ catscan -r '201[56]-\d+-\d+'

# limit to files less than 1 megabyte
$ catscan -m 1 'foo'

# limit to files less than ~100 kilobytes
$ catscan -m 0.1 'foo'

# case insensitive search
$ catscan -i 'foo'

# Look for files that are not necessarily ASCII (using file magic)
$ catscan -a 'CAFEBABE'

# Quit after finding the first matching file
$ catscan -q 1 'foo'

Release Notes

0.0.6: Removed start/end features to simplify runtime requirements
0.0.3: bugfree (enough) version for release
0.0.2: Finished main features
0.0.1: Project created