A way to extract specific information from CAZy

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pip install cazy-parser==1.4.2



A way to extract specific information from the Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes.

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Make sure to visit and cite the CAZy website

  • Lombard V, Golaconda Ramulu H, Drula E, Coutinho PM, Henrissat B (2014) The Carbohydrate-active enzymes database (CAZy) in 2013. Nucleic Acids Res 42:D490–D495. [PMID: 24270786].

License: GNU GPLv3

RV Honorato. CAZy-parser a way to extract information from the Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes Database. The Journal of Open Source Software, 1(8), dec 2016.

doi: 10.21105/joss.00053


cazy-parser is a tool that extract information from CAZy in a more usable and readable format. Firstly, a script reads the HTML structure and creates a mirror of the database as a tab delimited file. Secondly, information is extracted from the database according to user inputted parameters and presented to the user as a set of accession codes.

Install / Upgrade

$ pip install --upgrade cazy-parser


Internet connection required

cazy-parser -h
usage: cazy-parser [-h] [-f FAMILY] [-s SUBFAMILY] [-c CHARACTERIZED] [-v] {GH,GT,PL,CA,AA}

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FAMILY, --family FAMILY
  -s SUBFAMILY, --subfamily SUBFAMILY
  -v, --version         show version


Extract all fasta sequences from family 43 of Glycoside Hydrolase subfamily 1

$ cazy-parser GH -f 43 -s 1
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 91 INFO] ------------------------------------------
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 92 INFO]
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 93 INFO] ┌─┐┌─┐┌─┐┬ ┬   ┌─┐┌─┐┬─┐┌─┐┌─┐┬─┐
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 94 INFO] │  ├─┤┌─┘└┬┘───├─┘├─┤├┬┘└─┐├┤ ├┬┘
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 95 INFO] └─┘┴ ┴└─┘ ┴    ┴  ┴ ┴┴└─└─┘└─┘┴└─ v2.0.1
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 96 INFO]
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 97 INFO] ------------------------------------------
 [2022-05-26 16:39:21,511 183 INFO] Fetching links for Glycoside-Hydrolases, url:
 [2022-05-26 16:39:22,454 189 INFO] Only using links of family 43 subfamily 1
 [2022-05-26 16:39:23,029 26 INFO] Dowloading 1415 fasta sequences...
 [2022-05-26 16:40:32,187 51 INFO] Dumping fasta sequences to file GH43_1_26052022.fasta

This will generate the following file GH43_1_DDMMYYY.fasta containing the fasta sequences.

To-do and how to contribute

Please refer to CONTRIBUTING (: