Easily find and read application configuration files.

pip install ccaconfig==0.3.3



a config file utility. Will read yaml formatted config files from various locations in the following order, so that the 'nearer' files override the further ones. Finally, it checks the environment for variables and overrides any set in the config file.

The order of files to read is


Any environment variables of the form


will be found, chopped at the underscore, lower cased and set into the final configuration i.e: config[variablename] will exist if there is an environment variable APPNAME_VARIABLENAME.


from ccaconfig import ccaConfig

cf = ccaConfig(appname="appname")
config = cf.envOverride()

or, to not take environment variables into account:

from ccaconfig import ccaConfig

cf = ccaConfig(appname="appname")
config = cf.findConfig()

Two additional dictionaries can be supplied, the first defaultd can be used to set a default config, and the 2nd, overrided can be used for config variables that you do not want overridden by any config file found or from the environment.

from ccaconfig import ccaConfig

defd = {"environment": "dev"}
overd = {"product": "myapp"}
cf = ccaConfig(appname="appname", defaultd=defd, overrided=overd)
config = cf.envOverride()
# config["environment"] == "dev" if it is not overridden by a subsequent
# config file or from an environment variable
# config["product"] == "myapp" and will not be overridden, at all