improved file system navigation with cd

pip install cdd==0.1.12



cdd is a set of scripts written in python and bash that make it easier to navigate file system directories. It allows the user to jump directly to frequently used directories, typing just a few characters contained in the directory basename.


Step 1: install cdd. Use pip install --user cdd. I didn't test whether it works installed as root user. Alternatively, you can download the files directly from GitHub.

Step 2: set up paths. Once the scripts are installed, make sure your PATH and your PYTHONPATH include cdd directories. Usually, pip --user installs scripts in ~/.local/bin and libraries under ~/.local/lib/python2.7. If this is your case, add the first directory to your PATH and the second to your PYTHONPATH.

Step 3: set up the cd function. This is achieved by sourcing the file. You can test cdd without making it permanent, by sourcing the file containing the cd function issuing the command source ~/.local/bin/ To make it permanent, source the file from within your ~/.profile.


Simply use cd as you are used to. Whenever you use cd to navigate in the usual way within the file system, cdd will store the directories seen. Once the directory is in the cdd database, you can navigate directly to that directory, by typing

cd <pattern>

where <pattern> is any part of the name of the subdirectory.