Celery taskcls decorator

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pip install celery-decorator-taskcls==0.1.4


Celery Decorator taskcls

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  • Free software: MIT License


This package is temporary way to get app.taskcls decorator right now. The main target of this package make you able to use taskcls decorator before celery 4.5 released, and then you can remove this package import without application code change

More about: https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/5755


import celery_decorator_taskcls

from celery import Celery
app = Celery(...)

class BaseTask:
    def __init__(self, task, **kwargs):
        self.task = task
        for key, value in kwargs.items():
            setattr(self, key, value)

    def task(cls, task, **kwargs):
        instance = cls(task, **kwargs)
        return instance.main()

class SimpleTask(BaseTask):
    def main(self):

app.taskcls decorator behavior is the same as app.task. You can pass it kwargs like bind, name or other or you can use it without kwargs

You can also pass default decorator options by nested class MetaTask:

class BaseTask:
    class MetaTask:
        bind = True

    def task(cls, taks, *args, **kwargs):

Patching options

By default patcher search Celery.taskcls attribute. If it not found, patcher creates it. But when it exists (I belive you find it in Celery 4.5), patcher checks its optional argument force, because it seems patching not required. Calling celery_decorator_taskcls.patch_celery(force=True) enforces patching Celery even Celery.taskcls exists