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pip install cexbot==0.0.14a3



A bot for the cex.io cryptocurrency mining marketplace

this is a really early version, recommend you check updates frequently


  1. Go to cex.io
  2. Click signup
  3. Fill out form, confirm etc.
  4. Once signed up go to https://www.cex.io/trade/profile
  5. Scroll down to API Access
  6. Optional enter your IP address
  7. Check all API access permission boxes
  8. Click 'generate'
  9. Copy the key and secret (see Config section)
  10. Click 'activate'
  11. Click the link in the activation email to confirm API access


The easiest way to install is with pip, it will download the package, build it and place cexbot-cli in your path. If you don't have pip on your machine see "How do I install pip on OS X" (tl;dr: sudo easy_install pip or brew install python)

pip install cexbot

If you have previously installed cexbot you will need to run an upgrade:

pip install -U cexbot

Dev Install

If you would like to contribute to the code:

git clone --depth=0 https://github.com/nikcub/cexbot.git

pip install -r requirements.txt


cexbot needs to know your username, API key and secret.

Configuration options are specified with the config command line option.

$ cexbot-cli config --list
cex.username = nikcub
cex.secret = secret
cex.apikey = api

Set each config option with:

cexbot-cli config cex.username nikcub

and then set your api key and secret:

cexbot-cli config cex.apikey <your_key>

cexbot-cli config cex.secret <your_secret>

If you have a local editor installed, you can edit your config directly with:

cexbot-cli config --edit

Once you have those values defined, you can test that they work with:

cexbot-cli config --testauth

Usage and Help


cexbot-cli -h

new features being added all the time.


Update frequently, new features being added all the time.

cexbot-cli update