C API to FastRank Learning to Rank Library written in Rust.

coordinate-ascent, learning-to-rank, machine-learning, random-forests, ranklib, rust
pip install cfastrank==0.4.0


FastRank Build Status PyPI version

My most frequently used learning-to-rank algorithms ported to rust for efficiency.

Read my blog-post announcing the first public version: 0.4. It's alpha because I think the API needs work, not because there's any sort of known correctness or compatiblity issues.

Python Usage

pip install fastrank

See this Colab notebook for more, or see a static version here on Github.

Code Structure

There are three subprojects here.


The core algorithms and data structures are implemented in Rust. Formatted with rustfmt.

cfastrank PyPI version

A very thin layer of rust code provides a C-compatible API. A manylinux version is published to pypi. Don't install this manually -- install the fastrank package and let it be pulled in as a dependency.

pyfastrank PyPI version

A pure-python libary accesses the core algorithms using cffi via cfastrank. A version is published to pypi.