Web Application to operate the FRB L1 system.

pip install ch_frb_wview_test==0.1.1



Toplevel repository for the CHIMEFRB L1 code, containing master executables, bonsai configs, etc.

The L1 code consists of the following git repositories. Depending on what you're doing, you may only need a subset of these! In particular, the modules marked "frb1 only" include hardcoded pathnames on, and probably won't be useful on other machines. For a dependency graph, see doc/dependencies.png.

Warning: one problem with our current build system is that it doesn't track dependencies between repositories. So for example, if you update bonsai and do make install, you should rebuild everything which depends on bonsai (for example rf_pipelines) from scratch. Otherwise you can get unpredictable results, such as segfaults.

Important: In the previous paragraph, "rebuild from scratch" means make clean; make all install. Rebuilding with make all install wouldn't be enough, since dependencies aren't tracked between repositories!

For this reason, it's easier to end up with a broken pipeline than you might think. If you get into trouble, the following instructions are a cut-and-paste "reset switch" which will rebuild the entire pipeline consistently from scratch:

For a manual-in-progress, see

For an "operations manual" explaining how to run the L1 server on-site, see