A changelog finder and parser.

pip install changelogs==0.15.0


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A changelog finder and parser with command line interface for packages available on pypi, npm, rubygems and launchpad.net. Originally developed for pyup.io.


To install changelogs, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install changelogs


To use changelogs in a Python project:

import changelogs

logs = changelogs.get("flask")
logs = changelogs.get("babel", vendor="npm")
logs = changelogs.get("bundler", vendor="npm")

Or, from the command line:

changelogs flask
changelogs babel npm
changelogs bundler gem

If you are on macOS, you can chain the open command:

changelogs babel npm >> babel.log && open babel.log


When trying to get a changelog for a given package, there are a bunch of problems:

  • There is no central place to store a changelog. If a project has a changelog, it's most likely somewhere in the git repo at all kinds of different places. This makes it hard to find.
  • The package index meta data often has no direct link to the git repo. This makes the repo hard to find.
  • There is no changelog standard. Everyone uses a different approach. This makes it hard to parse.

This project is trying to solve this by:

  • first querying the package vendor for package meta data like the homepage or docs URL.
  • if the meta data doesn't contain a valid URL to a repo, visit all available URLs and scrape them to find one.
  • if there is a valid repo URL, visit the repo and look for possible changelogs like Changes.txt, NEWS.md or history.rst.
  • fetch the content and somewhat try to parse it.