Chapisha: docx to standards-compliant epub3 conversion

python3, epub-generation, epub3, docx-to-epub
pip install chapisha==0.5.2


Chapisha: docx to standards-compliant epub3 conversion

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What is it?

Chapisha provides an intuitive method for converting a well-formatted Microsoft Word .docx file into a standards-compliant EPUB3 ebook.

There are only a small number of steps required to create your .epub, and Chapisha will provide an appropriate stylesheet and take care of document structure:

  • Set the working directory where you want to create your .epub,
  • Define and validate the metadata required for the creative work,
  • Import the docx file,
  • Import the cover image,
  • Define and add any contributors, such as cover artist,
  • Define your creative work's publication rights,
  • Add in an optional dedication,
  • Build your creative work as an EPUB3 standards-compliant ebook.

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Why use it?

Chapisha is easy-to-use, quick, and fits into your workflow.

There are a multitude of .epub conversion tools but few that support the day-to-day workflow and tools used by most jobbing writers: Microsoft Word.

Chapisha draws on Pandoc for document conversion and ebook creation, adding a simple, stateless Python frame around it, which means you can also include it in a web application.

Installation and dependencies

You'll need at least Python 3.9, then:

pip install chapisha

You will also need to install Pandoc and Java:

sudo apt install pandoc default-jre


The version history can be found in the changelog.


Chapisha was created to serve my needs as both a formally, and self-published, author. I have written two novels - Lament for the fallen and Our memory like dust - and a number of short stories. These works are available to read online, and to download as an ebook.

Chapisha is the Swahili word for 'publish' or 'post'.



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