Python Binding of chealpix

pip install chealpy==0.1.1


chealpy is the Python binding of chealpix.

  chealpix is the C implementation of HealPix.
  HealPix linearizes spherical coordinate into integers.

  You will need numpy > 1.6.
  The installation is just 
    python install
    easy_install chealpy

  Refer to HealPix manual for usage.

  Two precisions are provided:
    chealpy.high :upto nside=1<<29
    chealpy.low : upto nside=8192

  functions under the namespace chealpy are imported from chealpy.high

  MAX_NSIDES is the upper limit of nsides

  wrappers are automatically generated Cython code, making use 
  of NpyIter API.

  For a feature-rich Healpix C++ binding, take a look at healpy.

  Author: Yu Feng 2012 <>

  Description of Functions:

def ang2pix_ring (nside,theta,phi,ipix=None)
  angle to pix
def ang2pix_nest (nside,theta,phi, ipix = None):
def pix2ang_ring (nside,ipix, theta = None,phi = None):
def pix2ang_nest (nside,ipix, theta = None,phi = None):
def vec2pix_ring (nside,vec, ipix = None):
def vec2pix_nest (nside,vec, ipix = None):
def pix2vec_ring (nside,ipix, vec = None):
def pix2vec_nest (nside,ipix, vec = None):
def nest2ring (nside,ipnest, ipring = None):
def ring2nest (nside,ipring, ipnest = None):
def npix2nside (npix, nside = None):
def nside2npix (nside, npix = None):
def ang2vec (theta,phi, vec = None):
def vec2ang (vec, theta = None,phi = None):