A tool to verify your sitemaps

python3, seo, sitemap
pip install checksitemap==1.1.0


checksitemap -- A tool to verify your sitemaps

checksitemap is a very simple tool that allows you to check the sitemaps of your websites. Its development is not complete, but it is still currently usable.

How to use it

First, install Python 3 and the checksitemap package from PyPI:

pip install checksitemap

You can now use invoke the command:

checksitemap ""

If you prefer, you can also use checksitemap on a local file:

checksitemap path/to/local/file.xml

It will then check all the URLs in your sitemap and show errors if:

  • the XML is malformed
  • it references URLs that don't work correctly (i.e. they don't return 200-ish status codes)
  • it references URLs that won't be indexable
  • the priority or the change frequency are not valid