A module that can parse Korean movie theater data, including CGV, Lotte Cinema, and Megabox.

pip install chianti-pearl==1.0.5


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A simple module that parses Korean cinema schedules.


You can get the latest version of pearl using pip:

$ pip install chianti-pearl

or you can manually download the wheel file from here as well.

Quick Example

Printing out time schedule on a console screen

from pearl import lotci
lotci('수원', date=9).show()

Receiving time schedule data in JSON

from pearl import cgv
data = cgv('북수원', date=21).to_json()

Receiving time schedule data in <list> type

from pearl import cgv
data = cgv('북수원', date=21).to_list()

Usage and Description


These are the functions that you can use with the module pearl:

  • pearl.cgv(location, date=None, title=None)
  • pearl.lotci(location, data=None, title=None)
  • pearl.megabox(location, data=None, title=None)
  • pearl.get_detail(items=100, start_year=None, end_year=None)
  • pearl.available_location(cinema)

pearl.cgv, pearl.lotci, and pearl.megabox returns a <Clip> class object. Please keep in mind that <Clip> object is addable with other <Clip> objects. This means that you can also do things like below:

from pearl import cgv, lotci, megabox
data = (cgv('북수원') + lotci.cgv('수원') + megabox('수원')).to_json()

pearl.cgv, pearl.lotci, pearl.megabox

Basic Usage (to <list>):

from pearl import cgv
cgv_data = cgv('신촌아트레온').to_list()

Basic Usage (to JSON):

from pearl import megabox
megabox_data = megabox('신촌').to_json()

Printing out on a console screen

You can also print out the data on terminal, by using show() method. In this case, it automatically triggers get_detail() function, so as to grab specific movie detail info.

from pearl import lotci
lotci('수원', date=10, title='어벤져스').show()

Arguments / Returns

cgv, lotci, and megabox functions take identical parameters. If date is not specified, it selects date of today by default.

    [Argument]           | [Type] | [Description]           | [Example]
    locations            | (str)  | Cinema location(s)      | '북수원'
    date      (optional) | (int)  | day of the date (1~31)  | 8
    title     (optional) | (str)  | filter out movie titles | '플레이어'

    <Clip> Object

    <Clip>.data is a list type variable that contains movie timelines
    in following format:

        self.list = [
                'rate': '12',
                'timeline': [{
                    'avail_cap': 216,
                    'cinfo': 'CGV 수원',
                    'end': '24:09',
                    'hinfo': '2D 8관',
                    'start': '21:30',
                    'total_cap': 250
                    'avail_cap': 235,
                    'cinfo': 'CGV 수원',
                    'end': '27:09',
                    'hinfo': '2D 8관',
                    'start': '24:30',
                    'total_cap': 250
                'title': '어벤져스: 인피니티 워'


get_detail is a function that brings movie information detail from KOBIS. It uses open API from KOBIS(영화진흥위원회, Korean Film Council), according to the arguments. Please keep in mind that this open API is kind of slow compared to other parser modules.

If the sole purpose of using this module is to get heavy movie data out of it, I strongly recommend you to get your own key and read the full documents, because this module uses limited functions. You can get free keys and more detailed documents from here.

Sample Usage

from pearl import get_detail
details = get_detail(items=200)

Arguments / Returns

Argument start_year and end_year should be 4-digit integer (e.g. 2018). And by default, this function gets 100 items, 1-year-range from year of today.

    [Argument]            | [Type] | [Description]
    items      (optional) | (str)  | maximum number of items
    start_year (optional) | (int)  | filter specific start year
    end_year   (optional) | (int)  | filter specific end year

    Returns data with the following format:
        '기억의 밤': {
            'directors': '장항준',
            'genre': '미스터리,스릴러',
            'nationality': '한국',
            'openDate': datetime.datetime(2017, 11, 29, 0, 0),
            'title_EN': 'Forgotten'
        '독전': {
            'directors': '이해영',
            'genre': '범죄,액션',
            'nationality': '한국',
            'openDate': datetime.datetime(2018, 5, 22, 0, 0),
            'title_EN': 'Believer'}


pearl.available_location is a function that returns available location argument for cgv, lotci, and megabox.

Sample Usage

from pearl import available_location
locations = available_location('cgv')

Arguments / Returns

Argument cinema should be either 'cgv', 'lotci', or 'megabox'.

    [Argument] | [Type] | [Description]
    cinema     | (str)  | name of the cinema you want to parse from

    <list> type of location values.
    ['경산하양', '신촌', '덕천', 'ARTNINE', '대구신세계', ... ]

Built With


I do not claim any ownership of the movie data that was parsed with the cinemas, and these are for personal use only. Other than that, I do not mind anyone peeking through the code or tweaking around the module.

Appreciate any bug reports or improvements.

Author :: Chianti Shiina



  • Gained a lot of information from this article.
  • This module uses movie info that were brought up from KOBIS. You can get the official open API from here.
  • Special thanks to Starbucks, for providing perfect circumstance to write these codes during the weekends.