A general purpose GUI application used to analyze chiplots.

chiplot, analyze
pip install chiplot-analyze==0.9.8



Chiplot-analyze is a utility program designed to take as input 1D traces of the integrated intensity along rectangular boxed shaped regions aligned along either the equator, the meridian, or along a layer line using the program  FIT2D ( and saved as “chiplot” files.  Chiplot files are an ASCIII format and are easily readable in various ways. What chiplot-analyze does is take one of these traces and splits into two halves containing symmetrical diffraction patterns from the left or right (if trace is from the equator or a layer line) or top and bottom (if trace is along the meridian). You can then subtract a continuous background for the trace  using a convex hull algorithm and save the background subtracted trace in a new file.  The background subtracted trace can then be input into various peak fitting programs for further analysis. In the Irving lab this is usually the Fityk program ( which allows defining custom peak functions. The final thing chiplot-analyze can do is to calculate  the centroid and integrated of  user defined diffraction peaks and save the results to a file. The functionality of chiplot-analyze has been incorporated into the MuscleX package ( which is a recommended replacement for chiplot-analyze.  It is provided as a legacy application for someone wishing to replicate earlier published work.

For Linux

Install pip first if you have not. Also, TkInter is needed.

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-tk

Install chiplot-analyze.

sudo pip install chiplot-analyze

For Windows

Install chiplot-analyze.

pip install chiplot-analyze


Simply run


See Readme.rst for details. Find sample input data here.