This module allows a human to play chopsticks against either another human or a computer.

pip install chopsticksc==1.0.5


This is a project where we attempt to make a cool chopsticks player


Note all strategies are now mod n compatible, but we do not yet have good AIs

v0.0 - most basic possible player playing against player or computer. Records all player moves.

v1.0 - Records player moves. Windows only open picture, breaks on other os.
v1.1 - i/o from voice and microphone. Incredibly Windows only breaks on other os.
v1.2 - partially broken tkinter attempt
v1.3 - cross platform speech, and pictures.

v2.0 - genetic strategy updating (no graphics or audio)
v2.1 - genetic seeded with human data
v2.2 - recursion delver
v2.3 - genetic facing recursion delver
v2.4 - my own speech
v2.5 - my own speech recognition
v2.6 - explore hyper parameters for genetic with grid search or something

v3.0 - suicide option
v3.5 - preservation option

v4.0 - pip installable program with basic features and a good AI
v4.1 - pip installable with ALL features


A state is an array with
state = [ player_hand1, player_hand2, enemy_hand1, enemy_hand2 ]
Note different players will observe this differently
Note by convention state[0] <= state[1] and state[2] <= state[3] wlog for unique hands

Specific problems:

Add my speech recognition and cooler speaking with NNs
better strategy