libclang python bindings

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pip install clang==11.1


Clang Python bindings

These are unofficial Python bindings to clang as taken from the clang source tree, packaged for installation from PyPi.

You must install clang for this library to work. You can usually install it from your distribution's package manager or from

After installing clang, you should be able to

pip install clang

In the interest of keep things simple, this package will have the same version numbers as the clang release they were taken from. In the case of a mistake in packaging, a further patch versioning value will be added, such as

Why does this exist?

Most Linux distributions' clang package already contain the Python bindings, so no more work is needed. However, on Windows, installing the bindings along with clang is not feasible, so this package was created.

This package was originally maintained by @trolldbois, huge thanks to him for his many years of work on it!

Tests note

In the interest of making my life easier, I have added a pytest.ini and modified the tests to run on Windows with a patch I upstreamed to LLVM