Assess Juju charms and benchmarks on the clouds.

pip install cloud-weather-report==0.4.2



Cloud Weather Report (cwr) enables charm authors and maintainers to run health checks and benchmarks on multiple clouds.

When the cwr starts executing, it deploys a bundle or charm on the clouds chosen by the author. It runs all the tests associated with each charm in each cloud it deployed to. It also runs benchmarks on those clouds allowing charm authors to see how their charms are performing on different clouds.

Installing prerequisites

Cloud Weather Report uses make and unzip during execution and python-dev during installation. Make sure these tools are installed before installing the cwr. If you are on Ubuntu, you can install them using apt-get.


[sudo] pip install cloud-weather-report

Installing from a source

curl -L -o
cd cloud-weather-report-master
python install


After installing the Cloud Weather Report, you will have cwr command installed on your machine. It is assumes that the controller is already bootstrapped before running cwr. You can simply run cwr by specifying one or more controllers and the path to the test plan.

cwr controller  [controller ...] test-plan.yaml

For example if you already have bootstrapped aws and gce controllers:

cwr aws gce test-plan.yaml

Note: aws and gce are the names of your Juju 1.25 environment (found in your environments.yaml) or the name of your Juju 2.0 controller (found in juju list-controllers). If you had named your environment or controller for AWS soemthing like aws-west1 the CWR command would look like:

cwr aws-west1 test-plan.yaml

Once cwr starts running, it deploys the bundle, runs the tests and benchmarks that are defined in the test plan. An example of the test plan is included in the examples directory.

Running bundles

The following is example of a test plan to run the apache-analytics-sql bundle. It deploys apache-analytics-sql and runs terasort benchmarks.

bundle: bundle:apache-analytics-sql

The following example deploys the mongodb charm and runs the perf benchmark. The runtime: 60 is a parameter passed to perf.

bundle: cs:mongodb
            runtime: 60

Result outputs

Once the run is completed, the cwr generates a HTML file containing the test and benchmark results. The path to the HTML file will be displayed and will also be opened in a web browser.