Core package for CloudShell Python orchestration and automation. This package contains commoncode for CloudShell packages, including logging, basic interfaces and other utilities

sandbox, cloud, cmp, cloudshell
pip install cloudshell-core==2.2.180


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CloudShell Core

Repo for the cloudshell-core package. The cloudshell-core package contains basic contracts and utility classes for CloudShell shells and orchestration.


We welcome community ideas and contributions.

To provide feedback or request enhancements simply create an issue in the repository. You can use the Waffle Board to add issues directly and catch up on the current backlog progress.

Contributing code

  1. Fork the repository.

  2. Make the code change. Make sure the tests pass. Add unit tests to cover any new behavior. We do require that the coverage does not decrease with the new code.

  3. Submit a PR

Running the tests

This repository uses nose to run tests. To run all tests run the following from command line: