Cloudera Manager API client

pip install cm_api==10.0.0


Cloudera Manager RESTful API Clients

Cloudera Manager is the market-leading management platform for CDH. As the industry’s first end-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Manager sets the standard for enterprise deployment by delivering granular visibility into and control over every part of CDH – empowering operators to improve cluster performance, enhance quality of service, increase compliance and reduce administrative costs.

This project contains all the source, examples and documentation you need to easily build a Cloudera Manager client in Java or Python.

All source in this repository is Apache-Licensed.

This client code allows you to interact with Cloudera Manager to:

  • Manage multiple clusters
  • Start and stop all or individual services or roles
  • Upgrade services running on your cluster
  • Access time-series data on resource utilitization for any activity in the system
  • Read logs for all processes in the system as well as stdout and stderr
  • Programmatically configure all aspects of your deployment
  • Collect diagnostic data to aid in debugging issues
  • Run distributed commands to manage auto-failover, host decommissioning and more
  • View all events and alerts that have occurred in the system
  • Add and remove users from the system