A C implementation of Nilsimsa for Python.

pip install cnilsimsa==0.1.2



A C implementation of Nilsimsa for Python.

$ pip install cnilsimsa

We are building this module one piece at a time. So far, that means only compare_hexdigests because needing a faster way to do that was the primary motivation to start this project.

from cnilsimsa import compare_hexdigests

It works exactly like the method of the same name from pynilsimsa but is more than an order of magnitude faster, so if you need to do lots of deduplication over a large corpus of documents via nilsimsa hex digests from Python, this should be helpful.

Building out the rest of of the methods for representing and cooking LSHs to provide a full drop-in replacement for pynilsimsa is the longer term goal.

import cnilsimsa as nilsimsa

The more complete pure Python implementation is here:

Thanks to the authors of the Ruby/C implementation from which our our fillpopcount() function is taken.

Thanks to the Perl/C implementation that inspired both predecessors.

Contributions welcome.