A library for the Codee Robot

pip install codeepy==0.1.1



CodeePy has been created to allow Codee the robot from the Creative Science Foundation to be controlled via Python. PyPI version

Image of Codee

Getting started with CodeePy


CodeePy requires Python 3.4 to be installed on your machine, it can be downloaded for free from the Python website. We recommend using Pycharm IDE as your initial development tool, please note students, educators and educational facilities have free access to the professional version and there is also a free community version.

Setting up your development environment

Create a new project, being sure to specify the Python 3.4 interpreter. Open the terminal within PyCharm and install CodeePy with pip (which will also install any dependencies) For more information regarding pip please visit our module page

pip install codeepy

Getting started

Within your project create a new Python file, initially you will need to import CodeePy, and create an instance of CodeePy. I have included a helper which will list your com ports, additionally CodeePy documentation can be viewed with the help(CodeePy) function below

from codeePy import CodeePy

# view CodeePy Documentation


# create CodeePy Instance and open connection
board = CodeePy('<Your COM port>')

Now you have created your instance object please see the Example.py file to test the CodeePy functions.

About Codee & Creative-Robotix

Creative-Robotix can be used by teachers, parents, children, adults, in groups or as individuals to address core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) learning and making activities in a fun, hands-on, social and interactive way. Our open-source platform can be used by anyone from 7 years up who are interested in learning more about technology. The tasks are carefully designed to fit the abilities of all ages, ranging from simple to more complex assembly, depending on your age, knowledge and guidance available

Building Codee

For more information on how to create Codee including 3D printing files and firmware please visit Instructables

For more information on the Creative Science Foundation please visit CreativeRobotix