Offline replication of the graphics on

pip install codesters==0.0.42



A library to allow programs developed on to run offline.


This is a python module to allow students working on to run codesters projects offline. The codesters-graphics library is also a great way to segue from structured lessons on to larger, object-oriented projects.

Code Example

You can install the codesters library with pip.

pip install codesters

After installing the library with pip you can import codesters in any python file. Either copy a project from to a new python file or start making your own project in any new python file. Most codesters projects will start with something like this:

import codesters
stage = codesters.Environment()

sprite = codesters.Sprite("fox")

With the offline version you can also load your own sprite images. If you place a .gif image file in the same directory as your python file you can load the image as a sprite. For example if you had a file called narwhal.gif you could make a sprite like this:

unicorn_of_the_sea = codesters.Sprite("narwhal")

You can also run a python file with the codesters graphics library like this:


If you need inspiration, run one of our examples with

codesters --example



Our example files are:


Motivation is a great way for a teacher to easily lead a class through lessons teaching Python programming via interactive games and animations. The web based coding platform on exposes a library of graphics, animation, and game design tools that are not included with a basic Python installation. The codesters-graphics project provides a similar graphical environment to allow a project created on to be run in an offline Python installation.

We at Codesters received requests from teachers who enjoyed working through lessons on but wanted to introduce students to working with a filesystem or working with other open source python modules within a codesters project. The codesters-graphics library allows this transition.

API Reference

Our documentation has just been started. There is a working sphinx-docs configuration in the docs directory with a few documentation stubs in code to test the configuration.


Coming soon!


This project is just getting off the ground! Please post github issues when you find bugs. Most of the features of the Codesters online library have been implemented, but there's a lot of code clean up and documentation to get started on. Feel free to fork the project and ask questions.


The codesters-graphics library is licensed under the MIT License.