Folders and collections listing support for microdata in Plone

plone, microdata, schema, org, html5, listing, folder
pip install collective.microdata.contentlisting==0.1



This package is a Plone add-on for sites where collective.microdata.core is installed. See the product's page for more information about microdata and implementation.

You could like to install this product when you need to get a set of microdata informations from your folder contents pages.

However this product only provide basic views implementation for the Thing vocabulary. A 3rd party product could extend it for additional vocabularies.

An implementation example could be taken from looking at collective.microdata.event

Limitation and know issues

This package is a bit experimental and it overrides a couple of Plone views:

  • "Standard view" (folder_listing)
  • "Summary view" (folder_summary_view)


  • (right now) those views can't be used anymore for full objects (only brains).
  • this is not working on Plone site root (original views will be loaded).

How to extend

Instead of directly displaying how a single content looks like, the provided view of this product will look before for 3rd party implementations.

The customized view you are using on your folder will read from the current catalog brain the microdata_itemtype metadata, then a view with a special name is searched.

The name must be something like "VOCABULARY_URL VIEW_ID_item".

For example, if the current content is providing the Person vocabulary ( and you are listing it in the Plone "Standard view" (folder_listing), the view used for displaying the single entry will be named " folder_listing_item".

If this view is not found, the brain will be displayed with default views, provided with the product, that will display the content in the standard Plone way.