Installs dexterity content creation adapter for PloneFormGen

pip install collective.pfg.dexterity==1.0.0rc1


Dexterity PFG Adapter

This product installs a custom PloneFormGen adapter for creating new dexterity content objects from PloneFormGen form submissions.

Dexterity content types must be defined by other packages or be created using the dexterity schema editor, but otherwise the installed Content Adapter can be used as a part of existing PloneFormGen adapter chains.

Also Content Adapters can be chained: the first adapter can be used to create a folder and selecting the adapter as a target folder for the next adapter, it will try to create content below that newly created folder.

When the form is published, also visitors may create content by submitting it.

By default the content is created using the permissions of the owner of the Content Adapter object, but there's an option to allow logged-in form submitter to own the content after creation.

This product could be used with other known packages to create a more complete through-the-web -experience on Plone. For example:

  1. Create a new custom submission content type through-the-web using
  2. Create a custom tracker workflow for it using
  3. Create a custom submission form using PloneFormGen and this adapter.
  4. ...
  5. Profit.

This product may not yet support all of the PloneFormGen's or Dexterity's fields. If you like the idea and think this could be useful, please, contribute at:

On Plone 4: If your target folder is Dexterity based folder, don't forget to add the IReferencableBehavior to that type in the control panel.

P.S. If you find it redundant to first create a PloneFormGen-form and then define a similar dexterity content type, check out if uwosh.pfg.d2c is a better fit for you.