color-matcher enables color transfer across images which comes in handy for automatic color-grading of photographs, paintings and film sequences as well as light-field and stopmotion corrections. The methods behind the mappings are based on the approach from Reinhard et al., the Monge-Kantorovich solution as proposed by Pitie et al. and classical histogram matching.

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Film sequences

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Light-field corrections

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Source image Target colors Result


  • via pip:
    1. install with pip3 install color-matcher
    2. type color-matcher -h to the command line once installation finished
  • from source:
    1. install Python from
    2. download the source using git clone
    3. go to the root directory cd color-matcher
    4. load dependencies $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    5. install with python3 install
    6. if installation ran smoothly, enter color-matcher -h to the command line

Command Line Usage

From the root directory of your downloaded repo, you can run the tool on the provided test data by

color-matcher -s './test/data/scotland_house.png' -r './test/data/scotland_plain.png'

on a UNIX system where the result is found at ./test/data/. A windows equivalent of the above command is

color-matcher --src=".\\test\\data\\scotland_house.png" --ref=".\\test\\data\\scotland_plain.png"

Alternatively, you can specify the method or select your images manually with

color-matcher --win --method='hm-mkl-hm'

More information on optional arguments, can be found using the help parameter

color-matcher -h


Christopher Hahne