Tools to make compiling C/C++ projects easy

c++, make, development, buildtools, cpp, makefile
pip install compiletools==4.1.87



C/C++ build tools that requires almost no configuration.

Date: 2016-08-09
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Zomojo Pty Ltd
Version: 4.1.87
Manual section: 1
Manual group: developers


ct-* [compilation args] [filename.cpp] [--variant=<VARIANT>]


The various ct-* tools exist to build C/C++ executables with almost no configuration. For example, to build a C or C++ program, type

ct-cake --auto

which will try to determine the correct source files to generate executables from and also determine the tests to build and run.

A variant is a configuration file that specifies various configurable settings like the compiler and compiler flags. Common variants are "debug" and "release".

Options are parsed using python-configargparse. This means they can be passed in on the command line, as environment variables or in config files. Command-line values override environment variables which override config file values which override defaults. Note that the environment variables are captilized. That is, a command line option of --magic=cpp is the equivalent of an environment variable MAGIC=cpp.

If the option itself starts with a hypen then configargparse can fail to parse it as you intended. For example, on many platforms,


will fail. To work around this, compiletools postprocesses the options to understand quotes. For example,


will work on all platforms. Note however that many shells (e.g., bash) will strip quotes so you need to escape the quotes or single quote stop the shell preprocessing. For example,


Other notable tools are

* ct-headertree: provides information about structure of the include files
* ct-filelist:   provides the list of files needed to be included in a tarball (e.g. for packaging)


  • ct-build
  • ct-build-dynamic-library
  • ct-build-static-library
  • ct-cache
  • ct-cache-clean
  • ct-cake
  • ct-cmakelists
  • ct-commandline
  • ct-config
  • ct-cppdeps
  • ct-create-cmakelists
  • ct-create-makefile
  • ct-filelist
  • ct-findtargets
  • ct-gitroot
  • ct-headertree
  • ct-jobs
  • ct-list-variants
  • ct-magicflags