A source code compiler

pip install compyy==1.1.1


compyy / Source Compiler

Project Code occo257c

Compyy is a CLI program written in Python to automatically / help compile source codes.

Compyy is a program that automatically compile a C or C++ source code from different sources such as tarball, zip and repository, it can also download a source code and compile it. Compyy has many features such as verify the checksum of downloaded package, cleanup after install and check the make file and change the install location.



The program can be install using pip.

$ pip install compyy / $ pip3 install compyy

If the program is already installed the program can be upgraded with $ pip install compyy --upgrade / $ pip3 install compyy --upgrade

In other Linux distribution, where the Python path is different, the path should be added.

$ echo 'export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin' >> .bashrc
$ source .bashrc

Dependencies : # The program needs this to compile from the source

Program use

The program can be called with compyy [options] [input]].

$ compyy -h
usage: compyy [OPTIONS]

Compyy is a source compile helper

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LINK, --link LINK  compiles the link's repo.
  -f FILE, --file FILE  compile the input file.
  -c, --cleanup         perform a cleanup after compiling the source.
  -d DOWNLOAD, --download DOWNLOAD
                        compile the downloaded source code.
  -t TARGET, --target TARGET
                        locate the install location. Default is source's ./configure's default
  -Ch, --check          checks package's source using [make test].
  -v, --verify          verifies package's intergrity by comparing the calculated checksum and checksum
                        provided by the package's author.
  -li, --list           list all of compiled and installed packages using compyy.

Thank you for using compyy!

Usage example

# Compile a source from git repository
$ compyy -l

# Download, verify and compile the source code and cleanup after compiling
$ compyy -Cl -vc -d 

# The source is already downloaded, verify the integrity of the source code, run [make test] on the source and clean after install
$ compyy -CC -vc -f sample.tar.gz

# Install the program in other location (/etc). [Default is ./configure's default which is either /usr/bin or /usr/local/ or /usr/lib]. This specifies the --prefix=<t> in ./configure
$ compyy -f sample.tar.gz -t /etc/


(1.) There are flags that only works in other options.

Option				Available Flags
-l, --link			-t, --target ; -ch, --check ; -c, --cleanup
-f, --file			-t, --target ; -ch, --check ; -c, --cleanup ; -v, --verify
-d, --downloaded	-t, --target ; -ch, --check ; -c, --cleanup ; -v, --verify

-li, --list			NO AVAILABLE FLAG

(2.) Testing repo. The testing version can be installed using clones and compiles the sources in your desktop, this also install the testing version of the program.


$ git clone
$ cd compyy
$ chmod +x
$ ./