tools for building conda packages

conda, conda-build, package-management
pip install conda-build==2.1.5




# Display information about current conda install
conda info

# Install conda-build in the current 'root' env
conda install -n root conda-build

Building Your Own Packages

You can easily build your own packages for conda, and upload them to, a free service for hosting packages for conda, as well as other package managers. To build a package, create a recipe. See for many example recipes, and for documentation on how to build recipes.

To upload to, create an account. Then, install the anaconda-client and login

$ conda install anaconda-client
$ anaconda login

Then, after you build your recipe

$ conda build <recipe-dir>

you will be prompted to upload to

To add your channel, or the channel of others to conda so that conda install will find and install their packages, run

$ conda config --add channels

(replacing username with the user name of the person whose channel you want to add).


  • `OSError: [Errno 36] File name too long:` - This error has been seen on Linux computers with encrypted folders. The solution is to install miniconda or anaconda to a location that is not encrypted. This error occurs because the encrypted form of the path that conda-build creates can be too long.

Getting Help

The documentation for conda is at You can subscribe to the conda mailing list. The source code and issue tracker for conda are on GitHub.

Contributing to conda-build

We always welcome new contributors for conda-build, especially for bug fixes and new feature requests. To help get your environment set up and begin developing, please refer to our Contributing Guide.