Python stream transformation package for common Power Engineering analytics.

power, engineering, analytics, time, series, data, flow, transformers
pip install conduit==1.1



Python framework for dataflow-style programs.

Users of this framework structure their code into blocks with named inputs and outputs that are connected by channels. A typical application will have one or more data generator/importer blocks which then pass their data through various blocks which apply filters or tranforms to operate on the data.

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conduit is free software and is released under the terms of the MIT license (, as specified in the accompanying LICENSE.txt file.


Contributors: Submit pull requests on github to request that your changes be added to the repository.

Maintainers: To release a new version:

  1. Increment release number in
  2. Run 'python sdist' to create a new distribution.
  3. Using a virtualenv, run 'pip install dist/conduit-.tar.gz' to locally install for testing purposes.
  4. Run the nose tests via: % cd <virtualenv_dir>/lib/python2.7/site-packages/conduit/test % nosetests
  5. Upload new package via: % python sdist upload