Configmount mounts directories containing configuration files (augtools compatible files, yaml-files) as directories, so that every configuration value is accessible as file.

filesystem, oriented, configuration, management
pip install configmount==0.0.38rc1


The configmount project

Config is a tool to mount configuration files into your filesystem, so that you can navigate through the configuration hierarchy and access its values like files.


Create a configuration directory for testing via mkdir ~/etc and place the following yaml file into it:


  key: value
  another group:
    key: value

Now create a mount directory /mnt/etc and mount the configuration directory into it.

mkdir /mnt/etc
configmount mount --root ~/etc /mnt/etc

You should be able to navigate into the /mnt/etc directory and see the file key and the directory another group. Now you can change the configuration value of key like:

cd /mnt/etc/config.yml
echo new value >key

The changes are written back into the file as soon as you unmount the directory ~/etc from the mountpoint /mnt/etc via:

fusermount -u /mnt/etc

Finally cat ~/etc/config.yml should give you the modified file.