WSGI Middleware to duplicate the configured cookies and remove the SameSite attribute

pip install cookies-samesite-compat==0.0.1


Cookies SameSite compatibility WSGI Middleware

This is a WSGI Middleware that given a configuration dictionary it will look for the cookies_samesite_compat field that should hold a list of two-element tuples that define two cookie names. The first name is the primary cookie name and the second is the fallback cookie name. The primary cookie should be set by the application with all needed attributes set, including the SameSite attribute.

On creating the response, the fallback cookie is created based on the primary cookie, but with the its own name and without the SameSite attributes. On processing a request, if the primary cookie is not there, the fallback cookie is looked up and used to create the primary cookie, even if the SameSite attribute will not be set, so that the appication can only care about one cookie name.


from cookies_samesite_compat import CookiesSameSiteCompatMiddleware

config = get_config()
response = CookiesSameSiteCompatMiddleware(
    WsgiApplication(config), config
return response