A tool to keep your configuration synced between repositories

tools, configuration, generation, sync
pip install copyist==0.3


copyist - Easily sync your configuration files

To make sure all your projects share the same configuration, add a [tool.copyist] section to the pyproject.toml file of your projects specifying the expected files and their generators.

For example, copyist's isort configuration is synced from examples/ policy as specified in its pyproject.toml:

  package_name = "copyist"

  "pyproject.toml" = ["examples.isort.apply_config"]


[tool.copyist.files] section lists the files to generate/keep synced with their list of generators to apply.

Each generator is a function taking as argument the previous content of the file and an optional context specified in [tool.copyist.context] section.

The generators are generally provided by an other Python package specifying your expected configuration.

Command line options

You can list them by running copyist --help:

usage: copyist [-h] [--version] [--config CONFIG] [--verbose] [--dry-run]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --config CONFIG, -c CONFIG
                        Configuration file (defaults to pyproject.toml)
  --verbose, -v         Show the diff produced at each stage
  --dry-run             Do not overwrite files


Currently only copyist.helpers.fill_tool_section(previous_content, tool_name, section_text) is available to help fill pyproject.toml with the different tools' configurations.